long time no see Jesus

wow, looking through the amount of bullcrap i put on here i think its about time im back with a slightly straighter head (giggidy). so, massively quick update.

Person i was ranting on about ages and ages ago is now a friend, thats it. I guess i dont really like anyone but i do, except its extremely complicated because i didnt take the chance that i should have taken. So i just gonna get on with it, all my emotions are out and im now getting sorted for my exams not focusing on anything else.

Wanna say just how much all of my friends mean to me. I had a miniture breakdown at lunchtime and they were there for me and i wanna thank them for being there. You guys are ace!

Good luck to everyone doing GCSE’s and A-Levels and anything else! And BRING ON SUMMER BITCHES!

contradictions and conclusions

I think i need to clear things up on here. I say one thing and then i one thing and then i go and say something that is completely the opposite to it. So this is what my feelings are i guess. 

I have comes to terms with the fact that my long relationship is over. i amd just being a bit silly about it all on my Twitter and such. I go be all sad and shit about it when i hear like that they cant do it but to be honest, i dont feel much about it. In a way i dont care, but not like that. I do care, but i dont feel anything when she says that she doesnt feel anything for me, so i guess that means i dont feel anything either. 

I guess that brings me back to the other girl. the one who is like my best friend who i like but cant bring myself to telling her. i do like her. a lot. but shyness. sigggghhhhhhhhhhh. plus i dont think she is interested in relationships and such. and to be honest at the moment neither am i. but i do really like her and i just want to tell her but i really really cant. and it sucks. it really sucks. i guess she just not interested but i dunno. this is what i mean by my feelings and such being all over the place. i like her, but i dont know about her and anything and urgh. 

Dont become a teenager because this sortta shit happens, just skip to like 18 or whatever then you can just drink and party and shit. although i could do that now. except it would be illegal. but oh well. anyway….

Conclusion: long time relationship is over and i accept it, like this girl but dont know what to say and anything people tell me to say i just dont because im worried to loose my best friend. :///////

Life problems. Goodbye readers X